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Happy New Year! 2021 has never looked better… Not!



I have been slacking with my blog once again 🤷‍♂️ But I definitely wanted to come out of the cave to wish you all a Happy New Year! Unfortunately, Trump’s circus is still in town and so far 2021 looks just like a repeat of 2020 but what can you do other than hoping for the best 🙂

So new year, new resolutions right? I mean, is it even worth it? Every year, I say the same thing… I’m gonna go back to the gym and get in shape, and every year, it doesn’t happen lol Well last year, I did try! I went to the gym but kept getting sick because of some nasty asses spreading their shit everywhere lol So I quit. Actually, I did not like going to the gym so not a big loss. I did buy a home gym, it’s in the garage, under a pile of stuff I think LOL. Anyway, I made a deal with myself! If I do not find the love of my life in 2021, then I’ll work super hard to get in shape and open an OnlyFans account. 😈 Why not? I’m pretty good at it! So why not get paid for it LMAO. Seriously, I’m definitely thinking about it so if you want to date me, 2021 is the year to do so 🙂

So what’s new in my life. I’m opening a candle business. Still testing and working on it but it’s getting really close. I’ll make sure to make a post about it 🙂 I’m still hanging out with Allen. Actually, nowadays, he is pretty much the only person I hang out with and I enjoy my time with him a lot. I love Allen to death! Not romantically but as a person, I just love the guy. Recently, I’ve been hanging out with him and also his boyfriend and you know what? I actually enjoy it a lot. His boyfriend is so nice and he cooks so well! They actually look great together and I hope them the best. A few days ago, I went to hang out with them and they were very touchy-feely with each other. It’s the first time that I see Allen being this way with his boyfriend and it was really cute to see. It turned me on of course and I had a huge hardon that I tried to hide lol but it was really really awesome to see them this way with each other 🙂 🥰

It’s not easy to be friends with me so kudos to Allen for putting up with my horniness. I have a huge sex drive and it’s very hard at times to not let it overwhelm a situation but I’m trying my best. Anyway, other than that, my life is probably like everyone else, dull at times and boring. Today is laundry day so I better get to it. I’ll try to post more often and probably bore you to death lol See ya my friends.

PS: By the way, Apple camera sucks ass! I miss my Android Samsung phone.

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