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Howdy everyone. It seems that I’ve been slacking on my blog lately. Quite frankly, I don’t even have a good reason for that, I’ve just been… lazy? lol It’s not like I’m super busy. Sure I still have to work (Thankfully) but that shouldn’t stop me from updating this side of my world. I need to do a better job at it 🙂 Life has just been stagnant for a while now like everyone else’s life. Things are just dormant it seems, just waiting… and waiting for whatever. I don’t even watch the news anymore, it’s always the same things… Number of new cases, number of deaths; I even think I became immune to it too. I used to feel sad about the death toll, now i’m like “ok” and move on with my days. It’s actually sad but that’s what happens when you hear the same things over and over, you become used to it.

Anyway, what’s new with me? Well, Me and Allen have been working out on our friendship and sure, it was hard at first, I’m not gonna lie, but I think we finally pass that hurdle, and we are now doing just fine. I enjoy his company very much and I feel that he does too. I feel very comfortable around him too and that’s rare for me so I’m definitely looking forward to this new friendship. 😎

Oh someone is back in my life too! And I’m very excited about that as well. A couple of years ago, I had met this really cool guy, tall, muscle, lots of tattoos and with a common interest in gaming. He was married at the time, and I even hung out with both of them a couple of times. Really really nice guys. Unfortunately, they broke up and we lost touch. Anyway, I started playing video games again a couple of weeks ago and that’s when I saw my friend online so we started texting again. I used to call him my Viking buddy because he does look like a Viking. Like a really hot one hehe I’m definitely not looking for anything but friendship right now and that’d be really nice to develop one with him. So we shall see but it’s definitely exciting!!!

Other than that, life is ok. Since this Corona thing happened, I realized something too. “Club friends” are not friends, just people you know from the clubs, that’s all lol And quite frankly, it’s fine with me. I need really good people/friends in my life and not “friends” who are just after sex and alcohol. That was my 2 cents 😉 Y’all have an awesome day 🙂

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