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Sick, tired, achy and tired of being sick, tired and achy!



It’s 80 degrees outside and I’m freaking sick ;( It started yesterday with a scratchy throat and ended up today with achy body, sore throat, sinus congestion… And all that annoying stuff. Oh well, I loaded up on medicine and it looks like it’s helping. I spent the evening at my “special” friend’s last night and I feel bad cos I think I got him sick 🙁 Either I got him sick or he got me sick. Either way, I still don’t regret seeing him last night. 🥰

I took these pictures below yesterday, before I felt like crap. I think they turned out ok. They make me look tough which I kinda like 😈😈😈 I need to buy new jockstraps! A few months ago, I bought the same kind of jocks but in different colors though I realized that I need to get brand new ones. What brand should I get? Which colors? Let me know and I’ll get some 😉

Anyway, this is gonna be a short day at work. I’m gonna wrap up my work and go on the couch and watch some shows, so peeps, have a great day!



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