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Finally met this handsome man! What an awesome date!



January 1st wasn’t too exciting and my mood in general was totally off so I was afraid this would set the tone for the whole year 😱 But January 2nd totally made up for it!!! I finally met a guy I have liked for a long time on Instagram. His name is Allen and he’s beautiful hehe The photos of us don’t do him justice cos it was dark and I had to filter them to be brighter but his eyes are absolutely gorgeous. They are piercing icy blue 🥰 Just one glance at his eyes, and you would drown… and die. lol They are so hypnotizing!!!

Anyway, we did have a great time last night. I got to Allen’s apartment, met his 2 cute puppies, sat on the couch and started chatting. Right away, the connection was there. I was actually very anxious to meet Allen. He’s gorgeous so I wasn’t sure how he would feel about me but he opened his arms to me right away and made me feel so comfortable. I must admit that for the first few minutes, I was in “la la land” lol I am not sure what we talked about or if I even said stupid things but I was so excited that my mind was all over the place lol

So we talked for a bit, and then we started making out; he’s definitely a great kisser 😍 After a while, we went to grab Thai food and we went back to Allen’s apartment to eat. It was my first time eating Thai, and I liked it, it was different, just don’t ask me what I ordered, I have no idea lol As for the rest of the evening (and night 😁), I won’t tell 🙂 Just use your own imagination hehe I truly had a fantastic time and I do hope to see Allen again soon. 😍😈



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