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It was definitely one hell of a week end for me! :)



Happy Monday! If there is such a thing 😉 I’ve probably had the best week end ever! It was so much fun and I definitely needed a good time. First of all, I finally got my first real leather harness, woohoo! I had bought the cheap ass one on Amazon before but they never really fit and well, they’re crap lol This time, I went downtown Dallas to a store called “Leather Masters“. They have awesome stuff there, and found my first harness within minutes. I tried it, adjusted it and it fit like a glove so I bought it. I saw a couple of others that I really really want but it will have to wait, money is getting tight 🙂 See the pictures below and let me know how it looks.

On Friday evening, I went to a nudist mixer for the second time, and I had a blast! I went there with a new friend of mine (He’s yummy too). We got there early, just a few people were there so we got undressed right away. The first few minutes are always the most awkward ones lol Also, my dick was being pussy and was deep asleep so I kept pulling on it hoping it would wake up. Didn’t work too well until my buddy started kissing me, and my cock got fully erected. Thank you friend hehe

After a while, the room was filled with naked dudes everywhere! I actually met quite a few guys from Facebook and it was really weird to finally meet them in this setting but it was totally exciting! And man, some of them had big fucking cocks 🥰😍😋 Anyway, I was feeling really good until it was time for the 1st winner of the “door prize”. They were picking out names out of a hat and the winners would win some random stuff like candies and whatnot. So everybody started gathering around the “stage” area. Mind you, the light in the studio was dimmed and I loved it. Not too bright, not too dark, just perfect and comfortable! But the stage area looked like fucking Cher could have performed there! Fuck it was bright… So they were picking out the first name and I was praying to the Gods, whoever was listening at the time, that my name would not be picked out. 5 seconds later… Steve… Paris! FUCK! There I was, butt naked, walking towards Cher’s stage. I could almost here “Do you believe in love…” in the background, so I got to the hosts (Hot fucking dudes too :), grabbed my prize, knowing that my ass was being stared at by 50+ guys and quickly walked back to my safe place with my tail between my legs lol Thank God my dick was semi cooperating or I would have died right there lol

I went back to my friends, and checked out the prices in the bag and giggled when I saw the Donald Trump Toilet Paper! YAY! I put the roll away at the house; this will be used for emergencies if I run out of toilet papers lol (Trump to the shit rescue!)

I still had a lot of fun! Like A LOT!!! I may have sucked a dick… or not, I may have had a blowjob… or not! I may have had my ass rimmed… or not. I sure did kiss a lot though! hehe It was an awesome night and looking forward to other mixers in the future.

Me and Sean

On Saturday night, I went out to the Dallas Winter Onesie Land at the Dallas Eagle with a good friend of mine. I finally grabbed my balls and decided to wear my Union Suit from Nasty Pig and I do not regret it one bit! I had the black onesie on, a black and white Santa hat which I added a string of red LED lights to, some black Dr Martens, my harness and a red jockstrap. I even added LED lights to the jockstrap (See photos below) so I had a crotch on fire all night hehe I really had the greatest time with all my friends, Brandon, Beau, Bryce, Paul and many more… I even saw my crush there, let’s finally call him… K! Urgh K is just a beautiful man, so freaking sexy and so lovable. And his chest hair just makes me melt and his eyes… Even though I have a huge crush on K, he’s interested in someone else so I didn’t get to kiss him on Saturday and that was a bummer but I want to respect him and I also want us to be good friends so things will just have to stay the way they are. He will be my forbidden fruit from now on 🙂

Me and my good friends Brandon and Beau 😍

Anyway, this was an awesome night and I also realized that I do know quite a few people now and you know what, it makes me feel really proud of myself. Still a year ago, I was this hermit that barely knew anybody and now, by putting myself out there, I’ve met so many really cool guys. I love it 🙂 I cannot wait to see what 2020 brings!

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