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I think I’ll wear singlets more often. They feel so good :)



This is the only singlet I own but I’m definitely going to buy more. They feel really good. I wish I could wear them everywhere! I mean I could, though I’d probably get in trouble for it hehe
Anyway, there is one thing that I want to talk about. I don’t want to sound angry at all. It’s just something that is a tad annoying and it’s been on my mind for a long time so I think today is the right day to talk about it. I think some people are a little confused when it comes to me. Posting naked pictures of myself online does not mean I will sleep with anybody! It actually doesn’t mean much really. Am I a tease? Hell yeah! Am I a flirt? Of course! Am I a slut? Fuck no! Just because I feel more confident about my body and I like to post naked photos of myself doesn’t mean that I’m allowing you to touch me, or kiss me or whatever if you ever meet me.

I had to say “no thanks” twice, a few weeks ago, to 2 guys (Not you Kevin! 😍😍😍😍) who recognized me from the social media sites and decided they were gonna kiss me right there and then without asking. Where are the boundaries? I think I’m a pretty cool guy, but I have my limits.

Don’t get me wrong, I might make out with a guy or 2 when I go out. What can I say? I love kissing! I’m French after all hehe but when i kiss someone, it’s because there is an attraction there. There is nothing worse than kissing someone you don’t want to kiss. (Actually there is worse lol) YUCK! So just don’t come at me and try to shove your tongue down my throat, that’ll definitely get you punched. 👊✊

So if you ever see me out, come and say hi, let’s have a drink… But don’t be a jerk, that won’t get you anywhere with me 🙂 Anyway, that was my rant of the day. It’ll happen once in a while hehe
Here are some more “naked” pictures… Just because I can… and want to 🙂



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