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Howdy guys! Are y’all ready for New Year’s Eve? I think I am… Actually I don’t know lol I don’t think I ever mentioned my living situation before so there it is. My ex and I have been living together for now 21 years. 7 years as partners and 14 years as best friends and now, it’s 3 of us at the house, my Ex and his partner and me 🙂 Before you ask, nope, nothing going on between us hehe. When I say that my ex is my best friend, I ain’t kidding! He is the best thing that ever happened in my life.

For all those years, I have spent New Year’s Eve with them and the doggies at the house, but this year, I wanted to do something different and celebrate the new year at a club… I mentioned it to my ex and he seemed fine with it but deep inside me, I feel some type of guilt I guess? Like I’m abandoning them because we always celebrated it together. So I don’t know what to do really. I really don’t want to spend another year watching this stupid ass ball fall. So I’m not sure what to do. The last thing I want is hurt their feelings, that would make me really sad. I guess I’ll play it by ear.

Today was a great day. The sun is out, it looks “happy” outside even though it’s chilly. I have been working all day so far dealing with complaining members. I work for a porn company but I’ll get to that another day hehe I totally forgot to eat too. Time flew by so fast that it’s now 3 pm and I’m starving so I’ll probably eat something after this post.

I wanted to take new pictures today but wasn’t sure of what. I’m starting to run out of ideas and one day, I’ll open my mailbox with a bunch of emails saying “Dude, I am so sick of your mug!” LOL But hey, this is my blog, so I’ll post whatever I want too 😎 But seriously, I really need to spice things up and find new places to take pictures at! And if you have any ideas of stuff you want to see me in or do, please do tell 🙂 But for today, I felt like a jeans and boots type of mood…

The older I get, the more dominant I feel, mostly when I top. Even though I can be a dominant bottom as well 😈 So I got a pair on skinny jeans, some black books and started shooting photos. If I had sex today, I would have totally dominated the guy WOOF! That’s the mood i’m in; “You do what I tell you to do, and shut the fuck up!” Again, I’m a pure Scorpio. It’s all about the extremes, I’ll either be totally submissive or totally dominant. It also depends on who I am with. It’s all in good fun of course and I definitely love fun sex. Y’all have a good day! Oh and I love the comments you leave on my posts, keep them coming 😍

Get on your knees boy, you know what to do!!!!


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