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Alone and just feeling kinda “country” today 🤠



Howdy y’all! That’s exactly how I feel today… country! Mix that with French and you got a… ridiculous accent lol That still doesn’t stop me from saying it anyway… Y’all! One thing about me is that I love country music. Back when I was in France in the 90’s (Where Country Music was totally inexistent), I had found a radio station from the UK that was broadcasting the “American Country Countdown” hosted by Casey Kasem. Anyway, that’s when I fell in love with country music. I used to record every songs on tapes and played them in loop all the time. The good ole country music from the 90’s… that was the best. Martina Mc Bride, Garth Brooks, Vince Gill, Pam Tillis… and my favorite Reba McEntire!

One day, I was listening to this radio channel and a song came on. After a minute, I HAD to record that song on tape but It took me a while to find a tape that had nothing on it and when I finally did, I popped the sucker in the stereo and recorded it. I barely had 30 seconds of the songs but for months, I just played that little snippet over and over… and over! That song is “And Still” by Reba. God I love that song. I am a forever romantic guy and this song just does it for me 😍

Nowadays Country music is so different. It’s not that I don’t like it but most of it sounds so much like pop music. You can barely hear any type of “country” related sounds, the only thing that saves the song as a country song is the voice of the singer. Other than that, it could just be a song from the TOP 100 Billboard. My country music playlist is about 95% music from the 90’s.

Anyway, so today, I have been alone all day long. Roomies are coming back tomorrow so I’ve been relaxing and chilling here at the house. I’m not even going out tonight! God knows I’ll be partying enough next week hehe. I’ve been listening to country music all day, so I felt like taking photos. I absolutely love taking pictures, the problem is that I’m the only subject here lol Y’all are gonna get so sick of my ass after a while hehe.

Not only I love taking pictures but I really enjoy working on them. This below photo makes me look so mean but I love it lol I never liked pictures where I smile, I always preferred photos with a more serious look so I think I kinda like this black and white shot of me.



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