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A quiet and peaceful Sunday wearing a harness and a jock



Finally it stopped raining and the sun is out here in Dallas TX. Yesterday was such a gloomy and sad day so I wasn’t very productive. All I did was watch Netflix, play the PS4 (Wolves of Midgard), played with the doggies for a bit and that’s about it. Very lazy Saturday hehe I did go out to the Dallas Eagle last night and met a few friends there; it was also very nice hanging out with my friends Donna and AJ. Though I didn’t make out with anybody! Which is really surprising cos I was surrounded with hotties 😋 I wanted to, mostly with AJ (He’s so freaking hot) but it never happened. Maybe one day… I wonder if he can beat the kiss I had with my crush “K” a while back Mmmm 🤣

This morning, I woke up with a huge hardon. I have been so horny for a few days. I even jerked off 3 times yesterday and looks like today will be the same. My roommates are out for the day so i decided to just wear a harness and a jock. I love the feeling of a harness tight on my chest, and i am also enjoying wearing jockstraps now. I gotta say the combination of the 2 really turn me on. I have never really been into leather before but lately, i’ve really enjoyed wearing some. It’s definitely growing on me.

Do you have any fetish(es)? One of my fetishes is brothers having sex with each other. It may sound weird, but again, to each his own 🙂 This gets me sexually all riled up. For example, if I had a twin who magically appeared in the bed with me, I’d totally destroy his ass… really hard! 😈😈😈 When I see porn videos with twins in them, my dick just gets hard right away and if they start playing with each other, I give my cock 30 seconds before cumming. hehe

Anyway, you guys have a great day! Enjoy yourself and enjoy life 🙂



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