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Setting up the first Christmas Villlage, it’s so pwetty!



Today is such a gloomy day here in Dallas so I decided to cheer up by setting up one of our Christmas villages (We have 2). I absolutely love setting those up. It’s just fun. I play Mariah’s Christmas album, I get my hot chocolate, shorts and t-shirt… it’s happy time 🙂 No wonder why I like to watch Hallmark’s Christmas movies lol What? Did you roll your eyes? Mmmhmm! ðŸĪĢI got no shame! I watch Hallmark Christmas movies and The Little House on the Prairie! There now you can roll your eyes even more LOL

I’m also feeling much better. This cold is finally going away so I’m happy about that too, though I’m not sure if I’ll go out this week end or not. We shall see 🙂

Oh! I have a question! I’m looking for a onesie to wear for Dallas Winter-Onesie-Land at the Eagle on December 21st. Where do you guys buy your onesies? I checked Target but all the ones there are very baggy (kinda make you look like you shat your pants too). I’m looking for a fitted onesie. Something loose but tight enough that you could see my hard-on if I had one lol I’ll check Amazon as well. Any suggestions, please leave a comment 🙂



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