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My very first nudist experience. A night to remember!



I missed out last night!!!!!

My friends kept inviting me to a monthly nudist mixer which is where a bunch of guys meet, all naked and just having drinks, eat, chat and have a good time. For months I declined but I finally accepted to go and so i went to it last night. Let me tell you, i was very very nervous. Not knowing what to expect got my anxiety really high. But i was also very excited about it. Something different!

My friends were waiting for me outside that place so once i got there, we all got in together. We were the first ones there. Cool atmosphere, low lighting which definitely helped. So right then, we took our clothes off. My dick was screaming “let’s get the fuck out of here”… At one point, i even thought it was trying to go in and hide, it got so small!!! Lol i had to shake it a little to wake it up hehe.

Slowly, the place filled up and i even met a few friends that i already knew so that was very pleasant to see familiar faces. It was so exciting to see dicks everywhere 🙂 Hours went by and I was having a great time. I was still nervous and self conscious. After all, that was my first time naked in front of a bunch of guys, and may I say a lot of guys were HOT!! A lot! Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention to how much I was drinking 🙁 And so, at one point, it caught up on me and I kinda passed out on the sofa there. Bummer! Good thing my friends took care of me and made sure I made it home ok but I was so mad at myself. First, I looked like an idiot and second, I missed out on the “After Party” where the sex happens 🙁

Even though I was extremely nervous, I was horny as hell and man I would have let a few of these guys take turn on me. Actually, there was this couple there that I would have absolutely loved to play with but things happened differently. There will always be another time right? I sure hope!



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