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I love kissing, and this hot guy definitely gave me sparks :)



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Well the Christmas tree is up. I absolutely love the Holiday season. All the lights and cheerful colors. It also makes me extra romantic/sensual which leads me to a very good time i had about 2 weeks ago. I went out to my favorite bar “The Dallas Eagle” and met a bunch of my friends there. I had the greatest time, we drank, laughed and even danced! Trust me, to get me dancing is a huge task, almost impossible hehe

Anyway, I was shaking my booty on the dance floor with my friends when i noticed this guy wearing a pup hood staring at me. I usually don’t pay attention to the pup attire but this time, it was different. His eyes simply captured my attention. Beautiful brown eyes, intense, looking at me. After a minute, he took the hood off and said “Steve Paris right?”. YES! I DO!! I mean, yes i am πŸ˜‹ We started talking and suddenly his lips landed on mine. We kissed and kissed. I was totally in awe. This hot guys was kissing me. We were still in the middle of the dance floor. It was packed with many better looking guys than me so the fact that he was making out with ME felt really nice. I really had a great time with him. It is always very nice to meet someone you are very attracted to, even if it only lasts for a little while. I am ok with that. It’s so exciting. I will always remember that moment with him. Me caressing his hairy chest, our steamy eye content, the sensual kissing.

We have now been texting ever since. Such a nice guy and I always get excited when i receive a message from him. Last night, he was in town and I received a message saying that he would be out. I got dressed so fast and made my way to The Eagle. I waited a bit, hanging out with friends. I was actually really nervous to meet him again. I kept thinking that maybe he will be disappointed when he sees me, somehow. Anyway, suddenly, there he was. Beautiful as always, a tight shirt that shows off his strong and sexy hairy chest. And his eyes, his face… everything about him is so sexy. I am so attracted to him. Even though we had a great time, he left really early πŸ™ He was with out of town friends and they wanted to go to another bar so I understand that he didn’t have a choice, but still, I wish he had stayed longer.

I love these moments. Going to a place where out of nowhere, you meet someone whom you have an instant connection with. I am not even looking for anything more with this handsome man. Just hanging out with him when he comes out is plenty enough for me… so exciting 😊 Nothing wrong with crushing on someone 😚

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